Human Resources do all they can to hire good employees. And while they do find good employees, there are some things that are way beyond their control that cause a potential employee to back out. These are called “deal-breakers”. Deal-breakers are defined as factors that employees look at to see if the company is worth going into or not.

But they should be grateful that we’re hiring them!

Yes, and many employees will be grateful for companies hiring them. But it’s also this kind of toxic entitlement that can drive potential employees away. While it used to work in the past where money was just money, nowadays employees look for a calm and peaceful workplace. The work doesn’t necessarily have to be easy. They just have to feel that they’re “comfortable” working in that environment.

So, what are some of these “deal-breakers” that can stop potential employees from joining up in your company? Here are some:

Dirty Bathrooms

Ugh. Nobody wants to go into a dirty bathroom. The first place an employee would look at is not the outside but the bathroom. The bathroom is where everyone does their business no matter what it is. Bathrooms are also the place that accumulates possibly the most cockroaches and other bugs. Employees look into the bathroom because that’s where they’ll go if they need to address the call of nature. Or for women, when they have to do deal with their period.


One of the biggest deal-breakers is distance. Especially here in the Philippines where it’s always a transport crisis, everyone has to force their way into commute. If employees find themselves more exhausted from commute than they are from working, that can really lower their motivation and satisfaction with the company. Most of the time, this is the one that causes a high turn-over rate in companies. People who come from the other outer cities such as Navotas, Valenzuela, Caloocan, and Bulacan often come to the city to make better money because everything has been centralized into Metro Manila.

Communication between superior and employee

While this is a more subtle factor, some employees can tell if the company they’ll be in will be too much for them or not. Emotions don’t have to always be flying. But you can tell how they handle certain things. Small mistakes, small failures – things like those. But one of the biggest problems is when some superiors are incapable of accepting their mistakes and are incapable of accepting ways of improvement. If they can already imagine their superior as someone who won’t take criticism then, they’ll back off even more.

No clear job description

While some of us are eager to please, some of us would rather not do something because they know they can’t! If they know it’s not within their skillset and it’s a big project, all the more they’ll be terrified to dive into it. Nobody wants to do a job they know they’ll fail at. Especially, if the task is a big project. So, most potential employees would ask for a job description first.

Being put in a job you didn’t apply for.

While we understand the need to optimize the company, potential employees would like to get into the job they applied for. However, some companies would always look as to what position needs filling first. So, they check the resume and endorse that said person for another job. A job they didn’t apply for. This can be quite stressful especially for some employees who are asked to take leadership positions but are too “young” to do so.

There are some that are awful though!

While it’s good to have a strict standard of hiring employees, it’s also good to make sure you promote a good work culture. Nowadays, it’s not just about how much money you can offer. It also depends if you look after the employees. A company always wants to find employees who will stay there forever. So, here are some things you can look into for helping employees stay longer.