When it comes to the office, you’re sitting there and blowing 8-9 hours of your life to earn money. While some people treat work as a serious matter, some companies give their employees more freedom to personalize their table. In fact, some tables have had Pokemon figurines or other figurines on their table. Others bring a fidget cube so that they can help themselves think better.

But there are unnecessary things and necessary things. And, there’s a specific category: THINGS TO BRING NO MATTER WHAT. These are the things you always need no matter what happens.


If you’re living in the Philippines or at least a country that has a ton of rainfall then, bring an umbrella. Umbrellas come in all sorts of colors and sizes. They even come in foldable ones. Umbrellas shield you from the rain. It also shields you from the heat of the sun. If you’re about to have an important meeting, it’s best to stay out of the heat or rain. You’ll be sweaty, stinky, and soaking wet if you don’t. Not exactly what you’d call presentable now would it?

Wallet and Cellphone

Obviously. These two are the most important things especially if your wallet is what holds your driver’s license! Especially when you’re entering a company, your wallet would always be the one holding the rest of your government-issued ID’s. Nowadays, companies and even banks need at least 2 government ID’s to secure an account. So always make sure you have that on hand.

Your cellphone is if you need to call Grab. If you’re a freelancer, you need that to always stay in contact with your clients.

Foldable slippers/shoes

For women, we all know heels can be uncomfortable. For men, leather shoes can be constricting. These foldable slippers and shoes can help relax your feet after a long day. Nobody likes wearing uncomfortable shoes on their way home. After 8 hours of work, all you want to do is kick your shoes off and relax.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrush and toothpaste are especially important. Why? Most likely, you’re going to have lunch in the office. After that, you’ll most likely have a meeting. The problem with fast food is they put all sorts of things in their food that end up making your breath so smelly. They put garlic, pepper, spices, and a lot of MSG (to save on cost) which can really affect the smell of your breath.

Besides, having minty-fresh breath gives you a kick of confidence when facing a client.

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Notebook and Ballpen

You’ll definitely have a lot of talks, orders, requests, and meetings to attend to. That’s why you’re going to need a notebook and a ball-pen. By taking down the minutes of a meeting, you’ll be able to remember what you have to do and who to chase if something is not done. Besides, you’ll remember things more if you write it down instead of just typing it down.

So many things to bring!

Not really. Some of the things to bring can be scaled down for easy storage in the office and less weight on your shoulders. But it’s worth being prepared for any possible situation especially when you have a lot of things to do in the office.

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