President and Founder of AHEAD Learning Group of Companies, Rossana Llenado flew to Singapore to sign a deal with the Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions (SIMP). After signing the partnership deal, AHEAD now opens the door to more possibilities for professionals.

What is SIMP?

Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions
Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions

SIMP, also known as Singapore Institute of Multidisciplinary Professions, is an institute that believes in building a world with quality professionals. These quality professionals are recognized by SIMP for their academic and professional skills. SIMP designed a variety of certification programs to help professionals validate their skills and their professional capacity while further encouraging continuing professional development across multiple disciplines.

SIMP provides a variety of business related certifications in the different industries. From business management, they also offer other forms of management such as human resource management, operations management, and others. However, they won’t be just limiting their certification programs there. They’ll be releasing other certification programseven for digital marketing and entrepreneurial management.

What does this mean for AHEAD and professionals?

With AHEAD partnering with SIMP, they now offer more possibilities for professionals. Here in the Philippines, there are only a few institutes that offer certification to professionals. But now, AHEAD offers globally recognized accreditation from SIMP. Professionals will no longer need to fly out to be able to gain that certification.

Professionals often times find themselves having to quit their job to heighten their educational status. Their reasons for doing so can vary. Whether it’s for their personal consumption or to increase their market value, many of these professionals lose their source of income for the meantime in order to accommodate these kinds of things.

However with AHEAD bringing SIMP here to the Philippines, Filipino professionals don’t need to stress themselves in looking for international certification. The partnership would also allow them to keep their job while also doing everything at their own pace.