Rossana L. Llenado, president of AHEAD Learning and Tutorial center, signs a partnership with the highly regarded Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL). Through the help of one of CIOL’s fellow linguists, Mr. Jake Estrada, Ms. Rossana Llenado and Mr. Dom Hebblethwaite, CIOL’s Business Development head formally sealed the partnership last November 22, 2018. With this, CIOL now makes their services now available in the Philippines through AHEAD Learning and Tutorial Center.

What is CIOL?

Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) is the world’s foremost professional organization for translators that has 65,000 registered members world-wide. Established in 1910, the CIOL operates under the UK Royal Charter. When it comes to translations and linguistic matters, CIOL is the established and global authority for fully-regulated professional qualifications for polyglots. These individuals are recognized by governments, agencies, businesses, universities and, schools to facilitate communication between multiple parties in several different languages.

CIOL focuses on training and certifying bilinguals and polyglots. They train linguists to contextualize their skills such as using them in hotel management, diplomatic issues, and other situations that deal with different cultures and languages.

What does this mean for AHEAD and the Philippines?

The Philippines in itself is a melting pot of many cultures. Foreigners always come and go into the Philippines. Whether it’s to find a better life, or to stay for a vacation, the Philippines always welcomed foreigners with open arms. Because of this, the demand for linguists has skyrocketed especially for Chinese. Companies such as IBM and San Miguel are always on the lookout for someone who can speak fluent Chinese.

While there are many who speak Chinese, speaking the language colloquially does not assure a good pay. But AHEAD can make sure your native ability to speak can be recognized professionally. Because your ability to speak will be recognized professionally, imagine the money you can make with it.

“Our services in AHEAD will include helping those who want to take the certification exam from CIOL review for the test,” Rossana Llenado mentioned when asked about the details of the partnership.

With AHEAD signing the deal with CIOL, AHEAD now contributes to the validation of Filipino bilingual specialists. Bilinguals can now apply for a certification of their being bilingual which can help in jobs that involve transcription, accounts management, and translations. Filipino professionals who are bilingual can now utilize their proficiency in both languages as a means to better their career.