common-resume-mistakes1Nobody can ever question the importance of having a good resume. It shows not only your experiences and qualifications, but also your professionalism. It also serves as your first impression to the company. Because of this, an error-free resume must be ensured in order to increase your chances of getting a positive response from your employer.

Whether you’re a fresh grad looking for your first job or an already-experienced worker jumping to another company, it pays to know the following common mistakes, so as to avoid them once you craft your resume:

1. Including Irrelevant Details.

This involves listing down old achievements and personal information. This also includes other details which are not important for your employers to know. Always consider the job you’re applying for. If it is a serious and formal position, the employer does not need to know that you’re a member of the church choir. The employer also does not need to know that you like to play the guitar. Also, the rule of thumb for including past achievements is that they must only be 1-4 years old. For fresh graduates, high school achievements are usually irrelevant.

2. Informal Email.

It might not be obvious for some, but employers are particular with the email address that you include in your resume. By all means, do not use informal email addresses (ex:, as these are, in no way, professional. Create a new email with a more formal name, if need be.

3. Grammar and Spelling Errors.

The presence of grammar and spelling errors in your resume say a lot about you, from your professionalism to your proficiency in writing. Make it a point to read through your resume and run a spell-checker to ensure that your resume is free from these kinds of errors. Another tip: make your friends and family read your resume so they can check for inconsistencies, as well as give comments and suggestions for improvement.

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