There’s more to the entertainment industry than the glitz and glamour usually associated with it. Acting is an art form. And whether it’s a stage play or a movie, acting is acting. Every production takes hours and hours of rehearsing lines, breathing emotion into the words, practicing diction and tone, and finally putting on a performance. It is not a walk in the park and it takes real dedication to master.

Veteran actors have the advantage of knowledge and experience to help them in their performance. Those new to the industry, however, have to go through intensive training not only in acting but in language as well. Proper diction and pronunciation is part of the actor’s arsenal. Words strike the audience as much as the acting. When spoken properly, clearly, and with the right tone and emotion, words can contribute to a memorable performance.

Words strike the audience as much as the acting.

AHEAD Professional Network recognized what young artists need and, in cooperation with GMA Network, facilitated workshops for up and coming performers. A number of stars, including Sarah Lahbati, went through a whole-day workshop to help polish their language skills and make them better at their craft.

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The GMA Artists listen intently to the day’s lecture.


Workshop currently on-going! Hands on workshops are also as much as important as lecturers and tips.


Geoff Taylor and Sarah Lahbati doing on of the many activities during the day.