Life of entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But the concept of entrepreneurship is when you create a business for yourself out of your passion. One of the main characteristics of entrepreneurship is that utilizes all the skills that you’ve known in your life. It’s a life where you always have to come up with new ideas, grind your gears, and spend more hours than you would at a regular desk job. Some people find the challenge of being an entrepreneur daunting.

Yet, others find fulfillment. They turn their passion into a business. They monetize what they love doing best. But the money soon just becomes a bonus. The business then becomes their outlet of them being able to achieve their dreams. Some want to uplift the level of education. Others have the dream of making a restaurant that will earn so much that they can afford to have a soup kitchen every night and provide jobs that will help the poor.

But again, this life isn’t for everyone. There are a few things you need to check out before you do.

What exactly do you want to do?

entrepreneurship - what exactly do you want to do?

One of the most daunting questions is what you exactly want to do. This kind of question paralyzes most people, instills a big amount of self-doubt. But that’s normal. It’s good to think about what you want to do before you actually do it.

One of the common reasons as to why people freeze is that the goal they give themselves is too big. In fact, that would no longer be a goal. That would be called a vision.

Try to figure out what you want to happen first. Ask yourself, “what do you want to see or hear first?” Then just keep adding it up as you accomplish each one.

You as a leader; you as an employee

Leadership - You as a Leader; You as an Employee

Some people choose to become entrepreneurs is because they’re aware of how they are in a group of people. They understand that they can be a bit over the top if placed in a group of people. Especially if they have aggressive personalities, they know that they wouldn’t be fit in a corporate environment.

The biggest dream for any parent is for their child to have a stable income in a corporate job. But some people aren’t made for a corporate job. Some of them like roaming the free lands and finding information on the get-go. Others prefer dabbling a different industry that doesn’t exist yet in the country and dreams of the fame of being the pioneer.

What some entrepreneurs do is that they enter one company. They test themselves out, see if they can handle a corporate job. They look over it for a year and if they find themselves feeling unfulfilled and no longer growing, they leave and sometimes set up their own company with the company they once worked with as their basis.

Loss and Maintenance of Passion

Passion - Loss and Maintenance

When you’re into something, you can get passionate. You read up everything there is to it. Each nuance becomes a familiar thing to you. But when it’s all about learning, it’s all fun because there’s nothing on the line. However, when money comes in, that’s when it starts to lose the fun. Soon, you find yourself worrying more about the money and losing the fun in the passion.

When this happens, it’s okay to take a step back for a moment and go back to the beginning. Ask yourself, “What was it that made this fun?”, “What made me love this a lot before?” These kinds of questions can help you remember the reasons why you entered that business in the first place.

There’s a lot to think about.

Thinking - Entrepreneurship

Before you get into this kind of thing, it’s normal to take time and think about things. Acting on impulse is the last thing you need when starting up a business. Keep research and looking up for things. Sometimes, the path of self-discovery is what will help shape your business if you’re about to put up one.

If it’s not for you then, that’s okay. That’s what franchising is for! Some people would prefer owning a business but not necessarily creating one from scratch. In fact, there are some companies like Junior that offer franchises especially to those who are advocates of education.