Asking for a raise is always on the mind of every hard working citizen. Sometimes, the work that you put in everyday just feels like a lot more than your take home pay. The problem now lies on the timing. When is it really the right time to ask for a raise? You may want to consider these factors.

Do not ask for a raise if you have not achieved anything major. Furthermore, do not ask for a raise if you do not have any data to back your request. This is such a simple concept but sometimes people forget about it. Some people feel because they put in the work day in and day out, they deserve a pay raise but it will always be best to have a bargaining chip up your sleeve. If you have a numbers or data to show how valuable you are to the company, then maybe it’s time to ask for a raise.

Some companies have yearly, quarterly or even monthly evaluations. This depends on how big the company is or the nature of the industry itself. Evaluation time is the best time to bring up a pay raise. The day you get a positive evaluation is the best day to ask for an increase in your salary.

Be frank and direct
Some people don’t like beating around the bush. Time is valuable and in any business, time equals money. So, instead of trying to soften up your boss first, or engaging in small talk, just be direct and ask. Just be sure to consider the previous two factors and hope for the best.

Proving you deserve the raise is no easy feat. You have to put in the work and sometimes, you have to keep learning even as an adult. AHEAD Professional Network offers courses for professionals to further better themselves in their respective fields. Constant learning will increase your professional weight in the working world.

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