In the workplace, there are behaviors which are expected of you. Remember, proper decorum is part of good performance at work. Though some organizations have opted for a more laid-back approach in their office setting, it doesn’t mean that employees should let their guard down. It’s not called a workplace for nothing.

Here are some things that you should always remember when working in a corporate environment, either in the office or at home, since due to traffic problems, more companies are open to workers doing their work at home.

Work means work.

At the office, keep in mind that you are there to make a living and to help your company achieve its goals. You are not there to chill while others are working. It’s all right to take a break and chat with workmates from time to time, but remember work is your main focus.

For employees working from home, it is very important to remember that work means work, especially since it is easier for you to slack off, since no one is watching you. It may be harder, but please focus on your work since you were allowed to telework because your employer trusts you. Don’t waste that trust.

Dress for success.

Dress well, yet comfortably

Not everyone can afford a branded suit or a designer bag, but that’s not an excuse for you to dress lousy. Wear clothes that fit well. Iron them out before putting them on. Skip any piece of clothing with fictional characters printed on it.

Dressing up in a professional manner would not only make you presentable, it would also make you feel more confident. When you’re dressed appropriately, you can face anyone and everyone.

However, it is important to remember that your clothes should not only be professional, but comfortable as well, since uncomfortable clothes can hurt your productivity.

Additional Reminders for Teleworkers

If you are working from home, always remember to bring your phone with you, since you may receive calls from the office. Answer these calls promptly, out of courtesy and because you are working.

When working from home, find a quiet place to do your work, to prevent distractions and background noise from hindering your productivity. Also, keep your home concerns away from your working time, which means putting work as your priority during working days, unless it is an emergency, like broken plumbing, for instance.

Also, it is important to set a dedicated time for lunch break, just like in the office, in order to keep your routine alive. Use this dedicated lunch break for other concerns, like fixing the house, eating, or even attending to appointments. Just remember to get back to work when you can. Never forget to use the freedom telework gives you wisely.

Draw the line between work and friendship.

Stay professional

Sometimes, your boss may be someone who can be your friend. However, remember that in the office, he is your superior and that you should act accordingly. It is totally inappropriate to be talking to your boss during work hours the same way you two chat after hours. Treat your superior with the respect that goes with his/her title. Remember, when it comes to your boss, please leave your friendship outside the office.

People often forget these seemingly simple things and, sooner or later, this may get them in trouble. Always behave properly and appropriately in the office. This gains you the respect of your colleagues and superiors. AHEAD Professional Network offers different training programs to help professionals become better at the their jobs. For more information about AHEAD Professional Network’s various programs, email

Revised, Edited, and Updated (to include teleworking decorum) by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario, 10/18/19