For the working class, commuting to the office can sometimes be more stressful than doing actual work, especially now that the LRT-2 is down. So, to keep your spirits ups, here are some of the strangest, and most colorful, commuting stories.

Watch the Gas

Passing gas is lethal in the MRT

When somebody farted inside a packed MRT coach.

MRT Regular

When commuting, please watch the gas, since letting it go in an enclosed space can result in a very foul stench. Enclosed and crowded spaces are not good places to keep foul smells in. So please, hold it in, out of respect.

Watch Where You are Going Please!

I almost bumped into some lady who [is obviously oblivious] and didn’t avoid even me though she saw me walking. how do I know? when I almost walked into her, she tsk’d and said “sabi ko na nga ba eh” like whoa there if you knew how to use your eyes then maybe you could’ve walked around me.

Victim of Oblivious Commuter

When commuting, please watch where you are going, for you don’t want to increase the ire of your fellow commuters. They are also stressed out, just like you are, so please don’t add to their stress.

Be Ready for any Commuting Problems

Be ready if the train breaks down

Well, di ba my job was supposed to be on 4pm, so I left my house in cavite at 2pm expecting light traffic since its not rush hour namn. Imagine my surprise when I ended up arriving in pitx at around 3:15. Then I had to ride a bus pa to mrt taft, which took another awful 30 min. Then i had to struggle through crowds to be able to reach an mrt. Then the mrt suddenly stopped at magallanes station for almost 30 mins.

Delayed Commuter

Commuting delays can be caused by many things, like a train breaking down. Unless you are in Japan, where the conductor sends you an excuse letter, please be ready for every eventuality. After all, our trains tend to break down more often than we would want them to.

Please Pay Using the Right Currency

Always pay in Philippine pesos, OK?

I was on the bus, on the way to Katipunan. It was quite early so there was not much people. This guy tried to pay his bus fare using foreign currency, and then faked that he was not a local but a tourist when the conductor did not accept his payment.

Mr. V

When travelling by bus or any form of public transportation, please don’t, pay using foreign currency, since it is worthless here. Be sure to exchange your money at any airport before you even try commuting. Also, it is just mean to cheat bus drivers, who are just trying to feed their families.

Falling Asleep in a Bus can get Awkward

Traffic can sometimes lead to weird moments

Riding in a bus while someone who was sleeping droops over to my side

Night shift Commuter Guy

When riding a bus, or any form of public transportation, please make sure that you watch yourself, or else you could end up having an awkward moment with a stranger. Be careful, OK?

Noon Time: Best Time to Commute

One of my best MRT experiences. All the carriages were empty when the train arrived in Quezon Avenue Station. It’s also faster during noon.

Lucky Commuter

Remember, dear commuters, commute during lunch time if you can, for the MRT trains are faster during this time. Also, a lunchtime commute is good for the claustrophobic, since this is during an off-peak time!

Commuting can be a Colorful Experience

Remember, dear commuters, the travel to the workplace does not necessarily have to be stressful, since the world of public transportation is a colorful one. Just remember to relax and enjoy, since commuting is indeed an adventure!