If you have passed your job interview and the rest of the screening process, then, congratulations! You are now very close to starting your new job! However, there is still one more thing you need to do before you start your new career, and that is to sign your employment contract. But, don’t sign your contract right away, for you still have these things to do before signing that employment contract.

Read Your Contract

Be sure to read before signing

When you receive your contract, the first thing you should do is read through it. Reading through it does not mean that you will scan or skim through it like a reading comprehension text, for reading through it means going through the contract thoroughly. This means that you should look for the fine print, for it may have details that may be detrimental to your employment if you overlook it.

Check the Job Description

Out of all the things you need to read in your contract, the most important thing you should check is the job description. Make sure it is very clear, and I mean very clear. This is because I know people who failed to read the job description well, and thus, ended up doing things that were outside their job description. Also, please don’t allow yourself, as much as possible, to be placed in a position different from the one you originally applied for, since you made sure you were qualified for that position.

NOTE: There is nothing wrong with volunteering to do things outside your job description, but such things should be purely voluntary, since you were hired for a specific job.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Feel free to ask questions

If you find any unclear provisions when reading your contract, feel free to ask questions before signing. This is to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. It is perfectly all right to ask about anything in your contract, like work hours, time of work, overtime, and everything else. However, there is only one thing you should try not to ask about, and it is the salary. This is because salary negotiations are part of contract negotiations, which must come before contract signing. Also, changing your mind with regards to salary might make you look bad in front of your future employer. So, before signing, make sure all provisions of your contract are clear to you.

Make Sure That Your Contract has no Blank Parts

Make sure your contract is filled out

The last thing you should do before signing that contract is to make sure that there are no blank parts, especially with regards to work hours and job description. This is to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into, and that no one in the company can add anything to your contract. Remember, a contract has to be binding on both parties. Once signed, no party can add anything to a contract Instead, a new one has to be drawn up to accommodate these changes.

In the End, Sign With Confidence

After you have checked the contract, read and understood it, and clarified all uncertain points. It is now time to sign that contract, if you do agree with it. However, make sure you sign it as soon as you can, either immediately, if you are fine with the terms, or within the next two days, if you desire to seek outside advice. Signing as soon as you can will show your future employer that you are excited to start a journey with them. Hope you enjoy the journey!

I would like to thank Kevyn Gohu for providing her expert advice on employee contract signing.

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