In the same way that you found your high school time management style wouldn’t work for college, you probably also discovered that your college time management strategy isn’t what you need for graduate school. Given that they are different learning situations, it should come as no surprise that they consequently require varying methods of being handled. With that, allow the tips below to show you the best ways on how to manage your time as a graduate student.

1. Plan Your Day

Plan your days

Since most of you, dear graduate students are employed, full-time or part-time, it is really important to plan your schedule. Your classes are likely to take place at night, so be sure you can balance your work and education, so be sure to allot enough time for each.

2. Master the Art of Speed Reading

Read smart, and read fast

Since the legendary grad school readings are for real, it is important that you develop the skill of speed reading to survive. This is because readings may be long, but you have so little time. For example, history students have to read one book every week (200-500 pages), so speed reading can spell the difference between life and death, at least in the academe. To save time, speed reading is crucial, but make sure you understand what you read, OK?

3. Utilize Your Graduate School Library Privileges

Most libraries for graduate schools remain open longer than college libraries. So, feel free to utilize these longer hours to go through your readings. Also, some libraries, like Ateneo’s Rizal Library, have a separate study area for graduate students. Thus, you will be able to study in peace and find a computer terminal, free from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Library. So, make use of your library privileges,since they are part of your mandatory fees.

5. Remember, Every Moment Counts

Whenever you have nothing to do, get some work done, like reading your readings, studying for comps, or even writing a page of your thesis. This helps prevent cramming, and is very beneficial because it helps you make the most of your time, especially for your papers, which can form a big chunk of your grade. Dr. Francis M. Navarro of the Ateneo History Department would always advise his students to do one page every day, especially for a long paper. This is helpful because it allows students to develop the discipline they need to cope with grad school.

5. Planning Ahead is Key

In every academic requirement, please be sure you have checked everything that you need, and make it a point to prepare for all eventualities. There are days when everything can go wrong, so make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities. When prepared, you will be able to find a way around things that don’t go your way.

6. Use Your Tools Effectively

No soldier can fight without a good gun or sword, so no graduate student can survive without effective tools like a laptop, tablet, or apps. These tools can help a student make it through every recitation, presentation, or even papers. So, grad students, please use them well for technology was made for man, not man for technology. This means that you must use your gadgets for study purposes, not to play COD Mobile!

Grad School is an Adventure

Once you have learned how to manage your time better, dear graduate students, then you will be able to get through the trials of graduate education. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the adventure that is graduate school, and get that MA, MS, or MBA in your name!

Overhauled and Edited by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario

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