On November 7, 2019, AHEAD’s employees attended a staff training seminar facilitated by motivational speaker Paulo Tibig. Mr. Tibig talked about how companies, especially AHEAD, can build a culture conducive to employee growth and development. Here are some things we learned from the seminar, which can help employees grow and develop within the company.

Contentment is Key to Happiness

A content employee is a happy employee

One thing that Mr. Tibig taught us in his seminar is that contentment is key to happiness. Remember, employees who end up becoming too ambitious will be burnt out. So, try to be content with the small victories at work, such as being able to help someone new, becoming closer to fellow workers, and many other little things. After all, everything starts small.

NOTE: Contentment is not the same as mediocrity, so be content in setting small goals for yourself, but pursue these goals in the best way you can. So, please give your all in every little thing you do. Remember, the Jesuit ideal of Magis is not simply doing more, but giving more of yourself in the little things.

Work With Dignity

Every employee contributes something unique

Remember, every employee contributes something unique to the company, so go about your duties with dignity. It does not really matter if you are a manager or a secretary, for you, by doing your work, contribute something to the company and help it grow. Remember, all positions, whether high or low on the totem pole, are crucial to the development of a company.

No Employee or Organization is Perfect

Don’t worry too much if you have bad co-workers or have issues with the company

Mr. Tibig also reminds us that no employee or company is perfect. This means that you, dear employees, should not worry too much if you have a co-worker who is not working to capacity, or think there is something wrong with the company. Remember, companies and employees are finite, so expect imperfections to be part of the package. Just focus on doing your job well, and you may even help improve your workplace.

Be Adaptable in the Workplace

Adapt to any situation

As an employee, it is very important that you are adaptable, for you must not expect that the company will adjust to your every whim. Sure, the company can adjust to you if your desire fits the company’s goals, but as much as possible, be open to adjusting to the company’s needs. This means that you should not merely restrict yourself to your job description, but feel free to volunteer to do other kinds of work that can help the company, provided that you do not compromise your actual job.

Finally, Remember the Reason Why You Work

The most important piece of advice that Mr. Tibig gave us is to remember the reason why we work. This is to provide for our families, or for those of us who are still single, to prepare to raise a family, to pursue an advocacy, or even to simply participate in the Divine Project. Keeping these reasons in mind can help employees help their companies and themselves flourish for they provide the motivation to carry on even on low days. It is important to remember that a purpose-driven employee flourishes, so never forget that work is done for a reason higher than money!