Every great lawyer that ever walked this Earth had somewhere to call home. Sometimes, hard work and natural skills are what propel these exceptional beings into greatness. However, their training ground also played a big part in their success. Getting the best possible training from the greatest professors in the world are of course essential to building a successful career in law.

Harvard University

Harvard Law School tops the list of the best law schools in the world. Located in Massachusetts in the United States, Harvard remains the Holy Grail of educational institutions.

The Ivy League university’s law program is particularly good. The first year students actually get to practice their legal skills in certain classes. Graduates from Harvard Law are sure to get top offers in firms across the globe or enter politics just like United States President Barack Obama did.

Cambridge University

The Faculty of Law of the Cambridge University in London is right behind Harvard. It is one of the best law schools in the United Kingdom and also the largest. It attracts about 800 undergraduate and 200 post graduate students every year. The school makes use of active and passive strategies to maximize learning, but is best known for the quality of its teaching and its cutting-edge legal research. A lot of former heads of state hailed from this university, including a number of British Prime Ministers.

Oxford University

The Faculty of Law of Oxford University is another top school in England. The Oxford School of Law can certainly be proud of its rich history. It has been teaching law for over 800 years. The Oxford Law School utilizes different learning techniques, including personalized tutorials. Students are taught by faculty fellows in groups of one to three on a weekly basis. Certainly graduating from Oxford can propel your career whether you venture into practicing law, teaching law, or going into politics like former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Turner did.

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