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AHEAD Professional Network offers review programs for licensure exams, english proficiency tests, graduate admission tests, and corporate trainings. Designed to enable you to achieve your full potential whether you’re a college senior exploring the option of pursuing a degree in law or medicine, a school principal who needs to learn new teaching techniques and leadership strategies, or a company executive desiring career advancement in the corporate set-up.

Licensure and Admission Tests Review

AHEAD Pro also offers test preparation courses for the CSE, LET, IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT, among an expanding lists of tests related to career advancement.

English Proficiency

AHEAD Professional Network’s English programs has several components including a language proficiency test, a walk-through of the principles and concepts of English Grammar, dynamic exercises on vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and techniques to enhance speech and pronunciation.

Corporate Trainings

AHEADPro’s Corporate Communications Training focuses on boosting one’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to be a confident and effective professional. These skills are essential to enable one to express oneself with clarity, composure, and conviction in all corporate situations.



We Have Expert Teachers

AHEAD’s tutors are top-performing students and graduates of UP, Ateneo, and De La Salle. To qualify, they need to have excellent academic credentials, pass a comprehensive four-hour exam, demonstrate their tutoring skills according to set standards, and meet interview requirements.

We Are The Most Awarded

AHEAD continues to provide the best tutorial and review services from our dedicated and exemplary tutors, teachers, and lecturers. Over the years, we strive to push further in our commitment to offer the most innovative and up-to-date materials and techniques in our services.


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