Not all companies are perfect. Some of them are bound to mess up somewhere. But there are some companies that have lived for a long time but still have underlying problems that haven’t been solved. Some of these problems – if you do join the company – can also cause problems for you.

So, what are some red flags you should take note of? Here are a few:

Lacking contracts

One thing a company should always provide their employees is a proper contract. Having a contract is what helps decide what your job description is. If you don’t have any contract then, there’s a bit of a problem. That would mean that your work experience may not even be counted. This also means you won’t get the benefits that are entitled to all full-time employees.

So, always ask them for a contract. This way, it also safeguards you from any possible abuse from your employer.

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High turnover rate

A high turnover rate can be disturbing for a lot of people. But how do you see if the company has a high turnover? One thing you can look at is the employees. Do they look like they’ve been working there for a long time? What are their ages in appearance? Sometimes, an educated guess is all you need to find out the ages of your potential officemates.

Another thing you can look at is their expressions. Do they look tired? Do they look unfulfilled? Expressions like that can be seen even in the slightest nuances such as slow typing, staring, leaning their head against their hand. While it’s good not to over-read, it’s also good to take note of even the slightest nuances to deduce that the company does have a high turnover rate.

Unreceptive HR

For any company, the Human Resource division is the one who looks after its employees and checks if they’re doing okay. They don’t have to do it all the time but even once a month is good. However, if you find yourself finding a cold and unreceptive HR, that means you might find yourself in a cold and uncaring environment. While they’re not supposed to care for you like a family but, it would also tell you how they will care for you as their employee. While some call it professionalism, others find it that being cold may turn away employees who want a warmer environment.

Dirty bathrooms

We cannot stress this enough. A dirty bathroom is a sure indicator that the company doesn’t monitor itself well. Why? Imagine yourself as an employee of that company. Then, all of a sudden, you have to take a pee. Would you like to pee in a bathroom that has mold and cockroaches crawling around? Obviously not! At the same time, you’ll be prone to getting urinary tract infection which is a disease that can be awful to deal with. So, make sure the company you’re applying doesn’t have dirty bathrooms.

Aggressive Superiors

Now, there is a clear cut difference between assertive and aggressive. Being assertive means there’s an air of calmness and firmness to getting what they want. Aggressive is when they let their emotions get the best of them. While we cannot expect everyone to keep their emotions under control (because we don’t know what happened to them prior), their ability to take responsibility for their anger can mean a lot. It’ll mean several things: 1) they’re open to criticism, making them easier to talk to and solve the problem. 2) It means also that they care for the welfare of their employees. 3) They lead preferably by example and not just declare that they’re the boss of the company.

Having an aggressive superior can put a big damper on your motivation to go to work. And if you’re planning to stay there, make sure your boss is someone who can sort themselves well.

No company is perfect!

Although, there is no perfect company. There will be times you will hate the work (for whatever reason you may have) but have a wonderful boss. Or, you can have an awful boss but love your work. But there always has to be a balance of things. But you can’t also expect the company to always bend to your will. Some of it such as respect from your fellow workmates has to be earned, not demanded.

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