You made it! Another year of recits and digests has come and gone. Despite all these, you are still holding on. You must have had hands-on training in the practice of law. Your mentors have shown you the ins and outs of the law. You may have assisted them as well!

So, are you excited (or worried) about the Bar?

Wait. Don’t excite yourself too much.

You still have a lot to learn before you can take the Bar. After all, practicing law is more than just learning the ins and outs of all our legal codes and court decisions. It is more than catching the latest episode of Ipaglaban Mo or hearing Jessup scream that Kaffee can’t handle the truth.

There are things that even the best Law Schools can never teach you, namely, the heart to lead and serve, a healthy dose of nationalism, and empathy for clients. The Bar can’t test them too!

Remember, the Bar is not an end goal, but only a means. It is a licensure exam, although highly regarded due to the caliber of previous takers. So, don’t let the Bar get to you! Stay human. Never forget that the law is intended to serve humanity, not the other way around.

Lady Justice should favor no one

But, don’t slack off. The Bar Exam is for Padre Faura to determine if you have the potential to join the legal profession. Prepare for it by taking your law studies seriously, and get a good Pre-Bar Review.

“Is this Pre-Bar Review the same as a Bar Review?” you may ask.

No, it isn’t.

A Bar Review allows you to go over the Supreme Court-approved Bar subjects. It helps you remember what you have learned in law school, codals, and all.

On the other hand, the Pre-Bar Review, which is to be launched in December, helps you with the skills you need to ace the Bar. To ace the bar, you need solid essay-writing skills. After all, for the past two years, all Bar questions have been essays. A good Pre-Bar Review helps with speed-reading too, which saves precious answering time.

Essay-Writing is crucial

You can even take them together. The Pre-Bar is the best foundation for the Bar Review. While the Bar Review provides theoretical knowledge, the Pre-Bar provides practical skills. Your Pre-Bar learnings will help you draft legal documents and give better legal advice!

So, please don’t let the Bar get to you. Get to the Bar instead, As early as your third year of law, start building your legal foundations. The Pre-Bar will help your essay-writing and reading skills. These will ensure that you will be called to the Bar with the necessary legal skills, not just knowledge. This knowledge is what you need to truly serve the people.

Sadly, many people are called for the law, but only a few are chosen. The Pre-Bar will ensure you will be among them. You will lead and serve the nation!