Working in the customer service/client relations industry means one thing: you are in the front line. As a result, you are the public face of the company. However, working in customer service is not for the faint of heart, for you will have to deal with all sorts of customers/clients. Some will be nice and calm, while others will be irate and have a short fuse. Here are ways in which you, dear customer service representative, can deal well with clients/customers.

Keep Calm

Customer service means being as calm as a Zen practitioner

The first thing you need to remember, if you are even thinking of venturing into customer service, is to keep calm, for there is a high probability of dealing with irate customers. Customer service representatives/client relations staffers will indeed be dealing with customers/clients with problems. So, if a complaining customer/client is shouting and cursing at you, don’t take it personally. Instead, keep calm and let the client rant, for you have to make it look like you are in control. After all, you are representing your company.

NOTE: If the irate customer is brandishing a weapon, uttering death threats or threatening to cause physical harm, feel free to call the guards. After all, what said customer is doing is a violation of law.

Listen to the Client

Always offer a ready ear

Another thing you need to remember in the field of customer/client service is to always listen to your customer/client. Remember, your client is communicating his/her needs to the company through you. So, as a representative of your company, show a ready ear to all the customer’s concerns, since it shows that the company cares for its clients/customers. After all, they are what keeps a company strong and alive. Also, you can’t address their concerns or redirect them to those who can if you don’t know what these are, right?

Adjust to the Customer

Remember, the customer is King

Another thing you need to remember is to adjust to the customer. Be as reassuring as you can if you notice the customer is stressed. If the customer is confused, make sure that you can address his/her confusion. After all, customers are people too, so they can get really stressed. All you need to do is adjust, and don’t let your customers’ problems get to you. After all, you are there to serve them, for in business, the customer is King!

Know How to Write a Check

Writing a check/cheque is still an important skill

Remember, even though it is much easier to make payments using a debit or credit card, it is still important to know how to write a check. Some customers are still used to issuing checks for large payments, for they may be using them for rental or tuition payments. So, even if they know how to write a check, it is still important that you know how to write one, so you can prevent any mishaps from happening, like a returned check which lacks a signature. Also, make sure that the check you receive has no erasures, since countersigning erasures is no longer accepted.

Customer Service is Rewarding

In the end, customer service jobs, even if difficult, are worth it for it really feels good if you are able to make another person’s life better. In the case of customer service, you are not only helping you customers solve their problems, but your company too, since you are helping it retain the loyalty of its customers. So, follow these simple tips, and change the world, one life at a time!