Where do you dream of studying? The opportunity to study abroad would always capture a student’s imagination. It has always been perceived as something prestigious, usually associated with the privilege of experiencing a different culture, a rare opportunity to widen one’s learning and perspective.

You can now study abroad…without leaving home!

With the shift brought about by this pandemic, we expect this pretty picture in our heads to change. What will studying abroad look like in the next few years?

The valuable experience of studying abroad will probably be done online, with cultural immersions made through WiFi connections. Though something sudden and unexpected, education systems from all over the world are now quickly adapting to programs and tools to make this happen.

Opportunities have started to open up for students who have dreamt of studying in prestigious schools. During the ECQ, we saw how Ivy League schools like Harvard University and Stanford University offered free courses, resources from credible academic organizations shared through free lectures and classes. Slowly, education and learning are being made accessible for international students. You don’t need to apply for a student VISA anymore or shell out expensive travel expenses to learn from reputable organizations.

Learning From All Over The World

Before, one exam students consider as THE most important was the SAT or the university entrance exams. Now, international students can consider the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) as equally important. This exam is meant to test the capability of non-English speaking candidates’ skills in reading, speaking, listening and writing.

The TOEFL tests if your English skills approach the level of Nick Joaquin

We see the importance of this as we witness today’s connectivity. In order for an efficient communication to happen (especially for students who wish to study “internationally”), the knowledge of English serves as its medium or avenue for understanding.

When students now apply to “study abroad” online, this exam will be essential as it will determine how the student will engage with the program and classes. The ability to communicate universally in English will now have a direct impact on how students can maximize online learning in the coming times of cross-cultural, online learning.

By passing the TOEFL exam, the universities are assured that their students are capable of using the English language in the academic environment. With this, the TOEFL exam can actually be viewed as the exam that will standardize online education in the international scene.

Preparation for TOEFL should not be mistaken as a preparation for just an intellectual exam. Rather, it should be viewed as a practical skills test to help the student make the best out of the experience of international education. It is not only intellectual knowledge of knowing English but also being able to think and live out the English language in application and interaction.

With AHEAD’s TOEFL review classes, you can expect to develop the stamina to pass the TOEFL exam.

AHEAD has your back!

After the course, you will come out more confident of taking the exam and take you one step closer to fulfilling your dream of studying in an international school as you set out to be a global learner. The lessons learned from the review will not just help the student pass an English exam, rather it will serve as a valuable key that can unlock the student’s lifelong dream of learning abroad.