Before starting a business, a big idea is the first thing you should have, but even with a great idea, you cannot start your business right away. This is because you have to establish your business by submitting forms to certain government offices before you can operate. Here are the government offices entrepreneurs need to visit so they can start making their big ideas a reality.

Department of Trade and Industry Branches

First things first, get your business registered

The first thing you need to do when starting your business is to visit the Department of Trade and Industry Office nearest you. The DTI will check if your proposed business name is original, and if it is, then the DTI will give you a Certificate of Registration. This reserves your business name to you alone, so no one else will be able to steal your identity.

Local Government Units/Halls

Manila City Hall is home to the capital’s LGU

After securing your Certificate of Registration, go to the Barangay Hall of the place you plan to operate in and present valid IDs and proof of residence to get your Barangay Certificate. A Barangay Certificate is proof that you plan to conduct your business in said Barangay. You will also need it for the Mayor’s Business Permit, which you will apply for in the local City/Municipal Hall. Business regulation has been devolved to local government units, since they are directly affected by local businesses, so you need to pay your LGUs a visit.

Bureau of Internal Revenue Branches

You also need BIR approval, since businesses pay income taxes

After securing your Mayor’s Permit, you need to drop by your local BIR branch to register your business, as well as your receipts and accounting books. This is to make sure that when your business (you, if you are a sole proprietor) pays the proper taxes to the government. If you are setting up a sole proprietorship, then after you get your BIR permit, you are finished with the process!

Securities and Exchange Commission

If you want to establish a corporation, then the SEC is the place to go

If you want your business to be a corporation, then you should go to the Securities and Exchange Commission to incorporate your business. You will have to submit the Articles of Incorporation and many other documents so that your business will be registered as a corporation separate from you. These days, registering a corporation is much easier due to the Revised Corporation Code, which allows a single person to establish a corporation without looking for other shareholders. So, it is up to you in the end how you want to structure your business.

Establishing a Business Requires Patience

In the end, establishing a business is requires more than just a great idea, but it requires a lot of patience as well. This is because to establish your business, you not only need to be willing to take the risk, but you need to be able to have the patience to deal with the government offices whose role is to register businesses. Government offices in the Philippines are not known for fast service (at least not yet), so it is important to be patient when dealing with them. However, once your business has been registered with the proper government offices, then you can get to the real work of developing your business.

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