Christmas is upon us once again, so it means that it is time for office Christmas parties! These parties feature games, food, and many more fun activities. However, the highlight of these parties is the exchange gift activity, for everyone gets to receive a present. As much as possible, please try not to give cliche items like mugs, especially since you don’t know who will receive your gift. Instead, take a look at these amazing Christmas office gift ideas, either for your exchange gift or for anyone you want to give presents to. Happy gift shopping!

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens make good gifts since they allow for artistic expression

Instead of giving your office friends ball-pens, why don’t you gift them with a fountain pen? Fountain pens can make your signature more stylish, and they are considered to be more personal, since unlike ball-pens, pressure can deform the nib. Thus, fountain pens are not meant to be shared, for pressure placed on a pen differ from person to person. As a result, a fountain pen is as practical as the usual sign pen or ball-pen, but they are more personal in nature. Just remember to include an ink supply with the package.


Personal Planners allow employees to plan for the coming year

Another good gift for the office is a personal organizer/planner, for it can help the recipient plan for the coming year. In the office, this is very useful because it allows its owner to organize his/her appointments and to-do list. Thus, it is easier to remember deadlines. Trust me, forgetting a deadline can be very risky. So, help your office friends and feel free to gift them an organizer to help them plan their hours, especially if they are the type to forget deadlines.

Any Good Book

Books always make great gifts

Another good gift to give your co-workers is any good book, which can be a work of fiction like Rick Riordan’s books, or non-fiction works like Ambeth Ocampo’s Looking Back. A good book is useful for it can either teach you new things, or allow you to calm down after a hard day. Also, it can give you ideas for your work projects. As a result, a good book can be one of the best gifts you can give to any of your co-workers.

Universal Charger

Universal chargers are very helpful

One thing every employee needs in the office would be a universal charger, for the modern worker tends to have a lot of gadgets, namely, a smartphone, a tablet, possibly even a portable console. A universal charger would be a practical gift because it reduces the clutter produced by having a lot of wire. Be a helpful co-worker and help your friends keep their workstations neat and clean.

Mini Shelf

Mini shelves can keep a table organized

Finally, one of the best gifts you can give your co-workers is a mini shelf, so they can organize their books, files, and other things. Proper organization not only helps your co-workers. but the company as well, since well-organized workers are what make a company robust and efficient. As a result, giving your fellow workers gifts to help them organize not only helps them, but your workplace as well!

It’s the Thought That Counts

In the end, what makes a gift great is not its size, shape, or expense, but the intentions of the giver. So, even if you only have to get a gift for purposes of the exchange gift, please, don’t get a gift just for the sake of giving one. Get a gift which is practical, and will allow the recipient to become a better employee, and more importantly, a better person. A true gift comes from the heart.