Unlike regular employees, who have fixed holidays, freelancers are free to utilize the holidays for work. Also, it may be necessary for freelancers to spend part of the holidays doing work due to deadlines, or simply because if there is no work, then there is no pay. However, just because freelance work can be done during the holidays, it does not mean that freelancers can’t relax. Here’s how freelancers can enjoy the holidays without worrying about money.

Rest and Recharge

Take time to rest

If you have no pending deadline as a freelancer, then feel free to take the time to rest. This is because the holidays are a good time to rest and catch your breath, or else the lack of rest will negatively affect your work. So, as much as possible, don’t accept any assignment during the holidays (unless you are a writer, and are free to come up with any topic), and just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Work on a Reduced Schedule

If you do have a deadline, work on a reduced schedule

However, if you do have a deadline, then work for fewer hours. For example, if you work on articles for 5 hours, work for 2 hours and 30 minutes. This allows you to fulfill your necessary deadlines, while at the same time, avoid burnout from all the Christmas parties you have to attend. There is a catch to this though, and it is working for more hours before the holidays. This increased workload is not that bad, since it is better to work longer and produce more outputs before the holidays than to burn the midnight oil on Christmas day. Just remember to pace yourself, and everything will be fine.

Build Your Portfolio

The breather the holidays bring is a good time to build your portfolio

If you are the type who cannot stand being idle,especially when there is no holiday work, then you can utilize the holidays to build your portfolio. Unlike the regular crunch season, where you have many deadlines to fulfill, building your portfolio has no deadline. Feel free to write or draw anything you wish, so you can freely express yourself during the holidays. Another benefit which taking some time to build your portfolio will give you is that it can help you attract more clients. This is because having a wide portfolio will give you the edge above the rest, for potential clients will be able to see how versatile you are. As a result, building your portfolio will not only give you another platform to express yourself, but will also allow you to win over more potential clients.

Catch Up with Friends

Networking, which can happen when meeting friends, is an important part of a freelancer’s life

Another thing you could do during the holidays is to go out and meet people. After all, the holidays are a time for parties, catching up with old friends, and to meet new people. Other than allowing you to maintain your friendships and build new ones, going out to parties will allow you to go networking, since your friends can introduce you to potential clients, or you can be able to help your friends out with their needs. However, please remember to enjoy yourself, for you are there to catch up, not to simply work.

The Holidays are a Break From the Everyday

In the end, the holidays are more than a time to get away from the office, for they are a break from mundane routines, especially for freelancers. So, dear freelancers, feel free to use the holidays to take a break from work, build your portfolio, and meet your friends. After all, there is more to life than work, especially for freelancers.