This week, a powerful storm just hit the Philippines, so classes and work have been called off to keep everyone safe. So, dear employees, you can do anything you want during this time, provided that you keep the weather in mind. This means that outdoor activities are not advisable, for safety reasons. So, to keep yourselves comfy and protected, here are some ways in which you can stay safe and productive during stormy weather.

Catch Up on Rest

You can use this time to catch up on sleep

Stormy weather means lower temperatures, so having work suspended means that you will be able to catch up on sleep. Cold weather tends to make us sleepy, so use this time, when you don’t have to report to the office, to catch up on the sleep you missed due to the daily grind of work. As a result, you can go to work refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of office life once more.

Get Some Work Done

Get some work done using the power of technology

Due to advances in technology, it is possible for employees to work from home. All you need is your trusty laptop, a solid internet connection, and all other things you need for your work. This will allow you to catch up on things you couldn’t do in the office, or get started on important business. However, keep in mind that your electricity supply may be affected, so be wary. Also, keep your laptop and other gadgets fully charged, since you may never know if your power supply will be cut.

Read Anything You Can

You can read any good book

Since you will likely be stuck at home, due to the inclement weather, then use the time you have to read any good book. For graduate and law students, you can catch up on your readings, while professionals and other employees can read any good book, including the Scriptures, for those who are religious. Reading will not only allow you to keep the brain working, but in case the power gets cut, you will still have something to do. So, read your favorite book, since the hustle and bustle of the working life will eat into your reading time.

Play Some Games

Board Games can be played during power outages

Another way to keep your mind going when work is suspended is to play some games. I would highly recommend that you go for games which don’t need electricity, like chess, Monopoly, and Monopoly Deal. However, even a simple pack of cards would be a good thing to keep during stormy days since you can play all sorts of games with it, like Pusoy Dos and Blackjack. Just remember to follow the rules, and don’t gamble, and you will be able to enjoy your free day.

Whip Up a Tasty Meal

You can have a good meal even in bad weather

Finally, another thing you can do in stormy weather is to cook a tasty meal, either for yourself or your family. When there is a storm, it is not a good idea to go out, for your safety, and getting a delivery is not good as well, since you will be risking someone else’s safety. So, use the time you have to cook your own food, so you can take a break from the fastfood fare you would normally have when in the office. You may learn how to cook a new dish as well!

Storms Should Not Stop Us From Being Productive

In the end, even if stormy weather confines us to the house, it should not stop us from being productive. This is because there are so many ways to keep your mind active when cooped up. So, all you need to do is select one of these amazing activities, and enjoy the free time you have. Just remember to be sensitive towards those who were affected by the storm, since powerful typhoons can be devastating and tragic.